Natural Hemorrhoid Cures Revealed

No matter how you define hemorrhoids, they are painful, inconvenient, and uncomfortable.


If you have had hemorrhoids you know that they are a condition that requires your immediate attention. The bleeding, itching, and often severe burning and pain can be unbearable and you need relief immediately.

Natural Treatments To Cure Hemorrhoids

The shelves of drugstores are filled with expensive, conventional treatments that are effective in the short term but, focus on relief and not a long-term cure. Natural treatments are available which are preferred as a money-saving alternative lack the harmful chemicals that can be found in some treatments. Natural treatments are less numerous and there is less information on whether they are effective for everyone. My recommendation is to try the treatments that appeal to you in order to find the one that is effective for you and fits your lifestyle.

Please take a moment to review some of the best natural treatments:

Warm Bath

A warm bath is known to increase blood flow, enhances healing, and has a calming effect on flare-ups. Carefully ease yourself into a warm bath and sit down. You should stay in the bath for a period of 15 minutes or more and try to expose the affected area to the bath water as much as you can. For best results, repeat the bath as many times per day as you can. More treatment sessions will speed up the healing and result in a faster cure.


Fiber can soften stools and reduce the strain on swollen veins associated with the itching and burning of hemorrhoids. Modest dietary changes are the best way to increase your fiber intake. Key foods that contain additional dietary fiber include:

Fruits like raspberries, apples, and pears

Grains and cereal like bran flakes, oat bran muffins, and brown rice

Legumes and nuts like lentils and lima beans

Seeds like sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel, found at any drugstore and many grocery stores, comes in many forms including the inexpensive bottled liquid. It is also available as an ingredient in some ointments and medicated pads. It is a natural astringent that can be applied to the affected area to tighten blood vessels, reduce bleeding, and vein swelling that characterizes the hemorrhoid condition.

Tea Bags

Tea bags when heated are warm and moist. They can provide immediate soothing relief to affected areas by applying them directly. They also have the long-term effect of reducing swelling, itching, and pain.


Bioflavonoids are super-antioxidants that are thought to naturally reduce inflammation, pain, and itching during flare-ups. They are found in many natural foods.

Aloe Vera

A popular treatment for sunburns, aloe vera can also reduce the pain, inflammation, and burning of hemorrhoid sufferers. Applied sparingly to the affected area and massaged in, aloe vera can provide immediate relief and long-term healing. I recommend fresh aloe vera plants found in many plant stores. Use the inside of the leaf for best treatment.


Increased blood flow to hemorrhoid-affected areas is known to increase healing and reduce healing time. Exercise increases blood flow and also removes toxins that can irritate the affected area and make the condition worse.

Try walking or jogging and exercises that increase abdomen and leg strength.

Weight Loss

Losing excess weight is known to have many health benefits and is helpful in treating a number of health problems. If you are overweight, consider losing weight to improve your hemorrhoid conditions. Extra weight puts increased pressure on the affected area in much the same weight that increased weight as a result of pregnancy is known to increase the incidence of hemorrhoids in women. Reducing your weight reduces the pressure and can actually cure hemorrhoids.

Stop Smoking

The health benefits of stopping smoking are well documented. When considering hemorrhoids, smoking has the effect of stimulating your entire digestive tract creating an environment that hinders any cure for hemorrhoids. It’s never too late to stop and benefit from the many benefits of stopping smoking including reducing hemorrhoids.

I hope this article has given you some natural hemorrhoid cures you can try and that one of them is an effective treatment for you. The success of each of these treatments varies by individual so don’t give up if one of them doesn’t work for you. I’m sure that you will find one that will cure hemorrhoids for you.

Source by Mark G Ridgeway

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